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Our Programs


To support 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. in its efforts to nurture and enhance academic achievement and personal growth.


That African American students and youth are developed to their full potential, granted equal opportunities and become productive members of a society that rewards based on excellence.


To maintain a single‐focus based on the principles of community service and adhere to the values of LEADERSHIP, HARD WORK, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and CITIZENSHIP.


Supplement the mentoring, tutoring, and other programs of the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc., to serve as role models to African American youth, and to enhance the opportunity for African American college students to serve the community.

African American History Challenge

Teams of male and female students in grades 6-12 take part in a fun, exciting competition that emphasizes knowledge of African American history, rapid thinking, and teamwork 


(very similar to “Brain Game”, but for African American history)

Team Mentoring

Mentors connect with 5th-9th grade young men in an 18-week program. Mentees work with a curriculum focusing on Health & Wellness, Economic Empowerment, S.T.E.M. Education, and Leadership 

The 100 Summer Academy

A 6-week educational program for male and female students in grades PreK-8, designed to address knowledge loss over the summer – also referred to as the “summer learning loss.” The program balances academic classes with cultural and recreational experiences. 


A 12-15 week program for male and female students in grades 2-8. Participants are instructed by mentors from major corporations on the mechanics of assembling and training robots to compete against their peers in local competitions. 

College Connections - The College & Scholarship Fair

The Annual College & Scholarship Fair is a joint venture between the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. and Indiana Black Expo, Inc. Our annual College & Scholarship Fair has become one of the Indianapolis’s area premiere events of this type. Unlike traditional college fairs, this fair provides students with the opportunity to receive admission and college scholarships on-site in addition to meeting admissions and financial aid representatives from more than 80 universities, colleges and other higher education institutions from across the country.

Each year between 600 to 800 students will attend the annual event. Recent attendees to the College & Scholarship Fair represented 32 School Corporations, 70 Schools (Public, Charter and Private) throughout the Midwest region. On average, colleges and universities have awarded over $8 million dollars in scholarship assistance to local area college bound-students during our fair.

The Collegiate 100

A student-led on-campus organization for male and female students who share our vision. The 100 provides employability skills support, education and career planning, and assists in workforce and career transitions.

The Dollars & $ense Financial Literacy Program

A 15-week program for male and female 9th-12th grade students to learn personal finance and investing with the goal of building generational wealth. Students are also exposed to possible careers in finance. Every student that completes the program earns a scholarship.

The Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Program

A college readiness and Rites of Passage program for young men in 12th grade. This 20-week experience promotes academic achievement, community, personal growth, career exploration, cultural pride and leadership skills.

The Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Dinner is the culminating event. This is a formal community recognition event that gives the young men an opportunity to showcase their musical and other creative talents, drill precision, as well as their scholastic achievements. The Beaus in their formal wear and top hats will demonstrate their courtesy, good manners, and respect for others that are hallmarks of a gentleman.

During the Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Dinner, each Beau receives a share of the scholarship and book monies raised through corporate grants and donations. Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Dinner ticket sales also contribute to more scholarship money for the Beaus. The title “Mr. Beautillion Militaire” is presented to the Beau who accumulates the most overall academic achievement, service, fundraising and program participation points. Finally, the Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Dinner highlights the Beaus going through a Rites of Passage ceremony that symbolically inducts them into manhood. Parents always look especially proud as their sons receive the community’s special recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.