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The Dollars & $ense Financial Literacy Program

Dollars & $ense is a national program of the 100 Black Men of America and is provided locally by the “100” in partnership with the University of Indianapolis.

High School grades 9th -12th students (male/female) participate in 15 weeks of coursework covering various topics of financial literacy. The objective of the Dollars & Sense Financial Literacy Program is to introduce central Indiana high school students to the field of finance through a weekly financial literacy education program. Another objective is to encourage the students to pursue higher education at a college or university.

The program is designed to introduce students to topics that are challenging, yet reachable. Committed students will be rewarded for their effort, become knowledgeable in personal finance and investments, and develop a desire to pursue these topics in a higher educational environment. Students receive scholarship amounts based upon their local competition scores, quiz scores, the level of classroom participation, student attendance, available funds and the number of participating students. In past years students have received from $250 to $3,000 payable to any accredited higher education institution upon proof of enrollment. Also, three students are selected each year to represent the Indianapolis chapter in the 100 Black Men of America’s National Financial Literacy Competition. Students representing the Indianapolis chapter has won the national competition in 2003, 2007, 2012, 2013, and 2019. Over 250 students have successfully completed the Dollars & Sense Financial Literacy Program during its 19 years of existence.

Grade Level: 9th – 12th Grades

Program Focus: Financial Skills Development, Investment Portfolios, and Mentoring

Please contact the 100 Black Men office at 



On Saturday, February 24, 2024, high school students will compete for 1st place ranking and scholarship awards. PowerPoint presentations will be used to convince a panel of judges of their level of knowledge in investment strategies, asset allocation, and diversification, through the selection of stocks, bonds and REITs. The competition will be broadcast live via ZOOM. (

The objective of the Dollars & $ense Financial Literacy Program is to engage high school students in the field of finance through a weekend financial literacy education program and to encourage the students to pursue education at a college or university. Through a combination of education and financial awareness, students will learn personal finance and investment basics via intensive Saturday VIRTUAL sessions from late October 2021 to early March 2022 due to COVID19.

This year we are proud to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of our Financial Literacy Program!

The “100” Financial Literacy Scholarship program has been recognized locally and nationally. In addition to local recognition, the program has been recognized five times as 1st place winner in the Dollars and $ense National Competition sponsored by State Farm several times since the program’s debut in 2002.


  • Students will create video presentations of less than 6 minutes each.
  • Judges (you) will watch and score the presentations before the event.
  • The competition day will be broadcast live via ZOOM. (
  • The videos will be shown to the audience, followed by a live Q&A from the judges.
  • The judges will be in the University of Indianapolis ZOOM lab.
  • Final Q&A scores will be added to the prior scores