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The Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Program

The mission of the Beautillion Militaire is to further develop African American young men who have the capacity to be critical thinkers, culturally grounded, globally conscientious and purpose driven in their pursuit of productive relationships.

This is accomplished through a 20-week curriculum for males who are seniors in the Indianapolis metropolitan area public and private high schools.

During the Beautillion experience, the young men (Beaus) are presented with a variety of self-improvement topics such as wealth creation, personal financial management, post-secondary educational opportunities, preparing for college and multinational awareness. They attend cultural activities, build peer relationships and are exposed to multiple career development activities through career mentors from the 100 Black Men and others who share their professional careers. The Beaus also receive information that builds their knowledge and skills about health, religion, dating and relationships, and other topics that will enhance their preparedness for adulthood.  All these experiences culminate with the completion of the Beau’s “Man Plan,” a written guide of how the Beau will like his future to look and the actions he plans to take to reach those goals.

The Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Celebration is the culminating event. This is a formal community recognition event that gives the young men an opportunity to showcase their musical and other creative talents, drill precision, as well as their scholastic achievements. The Beaus in their formal wear will demonstrate their courtesy, good manners, and respect for others that are hallmarks of a gentleman.

During the Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Celebration Event, each Beau receives a share of the scholarship and book monies raised through patron sales, corporate grants and donations. The title “Mr. Beautillion Militaire” is presented to the Beau who accumulates the most overall academic achievement, service, fundraising and program participation points. Finally, the Beautillion Militaire Scholarship Celebration Event highlights the Beaus going through a Rites of Passage ceremony that symbolically inducts them into manhood. Parents always look especially proud as their sons receive the community’s special recognition for their outstanding accomplishments.


Program Focus: Leadership Development, Career Exploration, College Readiness, and Men’s Health & Wellness

Please contact the 100 Black Men office at