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UIndy, local organization teaching financial literacy through ‘Dollars and $ense’ Program

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UIndy, local organization teaching financial literacy through ‘Dollars and $ense’ Program

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosier kids are getting the chance to learn a bit more about finances through the “Dollars and $ense” class from the University of Indianapolis.

This is the 20th year the class has been put on by 100 Black Men of Indianapolis and UIndy’s student business leadership academy. Around 30 kids are enrolled in this year’s class, which uses games to help teach the kids about finances and business.

Jeffrey Woodard, Chair of the Financial Literacy Program at 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, said it builds an important foundation for the future.

“You know you read the statistics around the wealth gap and to me, the only way to really work on that is for people to really at an early age to understand the development strategies and to just start to practice what it takes to build up long-term wealth,” Woodard said.

Students had to be in high school to enroll and will now learn from classes throughout the year. At the end of the course, the group will host a local competition.

“It’s not just a one-time program, they can enroll in it as many times as they want as long as they’re still in high school,” Woodard said. “We’ve had students who have gone through the program over multiple years and to see their growth.”

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